These Are The Top 3 Things That Cosmetology Schools Fail At – And Why Jana’s Gets It Right


The beauty industry is worth close to a trillion dollars and continues to climb. There is so much
opportunity to grow within the industry, from a ELITE business owner to a industry- leading
educator to a well sought out cosmetology professional. However, the first step is ELITE
preparation. Many people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and many years to further
their education and be a “game changer” in their industry; but few can say that within 6-9
months they can be prepared to change the game! The cosmetology industry is like no other!
However, many cosmetology schools lack the passion, knowledge, and support to provide a
student with the tools to dominate the marketplace. It becomes more about taking from the
students and not giving ELITE, talented, ambitious, creative, driven, and hungry students the
proper preparation to be a force in an industry that has no glass ceiling!


We have heard of many stories of students that attended cosmetology schools by using
Financial Aid, but actually didn’t receive the true “aid” of their cosmetology school. Other
cosmetology schools sit with you to sign your loan agreement, but walk away when you need
them the most! As adults attending school, there are many commitments and obligations that
we have to face compared to when we were kids in grade school playing tag. Imagine missing a
few days of school and instead of your cosmetology school sitting down to support you by
providing resources, they sit down and kick you out the door! It is disheartening that schools
care more about your tuition payments than the student who will be responsible for the debt.
No matter if a student completes their program, the financial obligation remains. Just
know….”you can be dropped from the school, but not your financial obligation”, no matter the
circumstances. Lost your job? Dropped! Need to care for a loved one? Dropped! Sick past the
weekend? Dropped!… and unfortunately the list can go on and on. They create a machine that
recruits students and waves the Financial Aid “carrot” in a student’s face; without educating
them on the debt they now have, regardless if you successfully complete your
education…..regardless if you pass your state exam….and regardless if you begin to work in
the industry or not! The debt is yours and yours alone! There needs to be better options, better
plans, and better support for students. Paying to further your education shouldn’t feel like a
punishment and your dreams shouldn’t be overshadowed by school debt!


A student’s journey doesn’t start and end at the recruitment table. A student can attend school
for months without speaking with their advisor, teacher, or student support staff past
discussing a discrepancy in a grade or attendance report. There are schools that fail at care
and compassion. Fail at support and sincerity. Fail at passion and patience. Caring for the
student should be a journey from “start to success”! The success of their students should be
taken personally from day 1! Life can knock us all down, at times, and challenge our “why”, it’s
the people in our corner that makes all the difference. It’s the Director noticing your body
language as soon as you hit the door, it’s the front office talking to you with genuine care, it’s
the teacher that motivates you as you walk in the classroom and it’s the CEO with “boots on
the ground” working diligently to provide you with innovative and industry- leading education
for all their students! In all….it’s the ELITE team for me!

2023 is the perfect opportunity to chase your dreams and learn lifelong skills from a
cosmetology academy that cares. Apply now for enrollment at Jana’s Cosmetology Academy
and set yourself up for success!

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