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Our students have leveraged their education to increase their income even while in school and completing their program.

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Get a head start on your competition and learn industry-based skills. There’s no fluff or fillers here – only solid, practical knowledge that will help you unleash creative power.

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Jana's Cosmetology academy

Many times you have been told that your dreams are just a hobby? Is this just a hobby? Are you just playing games with your potential? We understand  that with drive, talent, and passion for the industry; you can achieve success in your dream profession! You force yourself to work outside of the beauty industry, in a career that you hate because you were told that the beauty industry is a forbidden love. We are here to tell you that you deserve to expand on your talents and let go of the fears that others may place on you. Now, more than ever is the time to silence the whispers of doubt you may have heard in the past. Jana’s Cosmetology Academy is dedicated to teaching you ELITE industry leading professional skills, enhancing your money mindset to learn how to grow limitless income potential, and helping you show the naysayers that you are serious and ready to make your love for the industry a realty. You have the right to build a life of success that you can be proud of! It’s time to stop playing games with your talents and start making your mark on the world through beauty!


Our ELITE Students

My experience so far at JCA I could sum it up in one word, Encouraging! The first at the school I looked around and noticed people just like me. People that came from the same city as me and pushed through to create not only something for themselves but a school to allow people to achieve goals in our lives that maybe we didn’t truly believe we could accomplish. It has truly been an amazing experience so far and I look  forward to the continued growth which JCA is helping me achieved.

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Janas cosmetology academy
We strives to provide ELITE, diverse, and innovative beauty industry training for all. We pride on ourselves in creating a space to prepare our students  to dominate in each and every room that they walk-in with confidence, commitment, and consistency! Janas Cosmetology  Academy continues to support, empower, and encourage everyone that we touch.