About Us

Janas cosmetology academy

We strives to provide ELITE, diverse, and innovative beauty industry training for all. We pride on our selves in creating a space to prepare out students  to dominate in each and every room that they walk-in with confidence, commitment and consistency. Janas Cosmetology  Academy continues to support, empower, and encourage everyone  that we touch.

Jana’s Cosmetology Academy

We continue to help our communities and strengthen our partnerships with our industry-leading professionals, schools and community leaders. Whether servicing adult learners, middle and high school students, or ELITE beauty professionals, we create a way for you to dominate the beauty industry! We want you to define what success looks like for you so we can help you on your journey to ELITE success. We never quit, we never hesitate, we only focus on elevating you to reach that next level. Jana’s Cosmetology Academy is with you from Start to Success!


Many can say, but only a few take massive action!

Dwayne Johnson, our Chief of Operations, embodies what it means to take action. He shows our students and staff the steps to grow into one’s purpose. Dwayne has a heart of gold and wants nothing more than success walking in and out of our doors! For over the past 20 years, Dwayne continues to impact the industry through his kind heart and passion for greatness with everyone he meets. He continues to be an ELITE example to our school and the community. He reminds us that “Massive Action takes Maximum Effort”!

Dwayne Johnson, Chief of Operations

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Becoming ELITE in the industry takes time

Becoming ELITE in the industry takes time, but remaining ELITE takes unwavering commitment. Our Director of Operations, Latisee Watson has shown that and more, within our organization for over 22 years. She not only takes extreme pride in impacting our students daily, but she has been an ELITE Jana’s Master stylist for over 20 years. With her welcoming energy and joyous smile, Latisee helps each and every student along their journey as they matriculate through school and beyond! She continues to define dedication, consistency and commitment every day. Latisee reminds us all that “Commitment to the craft is key”!

Latisee Watson, Director of Operations

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Start to Success

Our organization has been a pillar of the community for many years. Our Director, Devon K. Hall is determined to push our students to contribute to not only building our legacy, but by defining theirs…right from the start! Devon, with over 17 years of experience in education and mental health, strives to support our students along their journey on their Road to Success. She understands students need a space to not only thrive in their talents and skills but be empowered to gain the tools to grow and develop as a “whole” person. She truly believes in the importance of being with a future ELITE beauty professional from “Start to Success”!

Devon K. Hall, Director

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About Our

Chief Executive Officer
Atiya Johnson, our Chief Executive Officer, has brought her enate ELITE skills, passion, and vision in providing high quality, industry-leading diverse education to the “head of the table”! At 17, she unexpectedly took over her mom’s well established beauty salon and over the years, Atiya has created her own path to helping the next generation create their beauty from within. She has shined a light on the beauty of culture, talent and industry professionalism within her community, when at many times, the beauty industry has encouraged us to dim it! Atiya knew the best way to change the narrative of what was defined as talent and love for the beauty industry was to write the book and so Jana’s Cosmetology Academy was born. She uses her years of experience to help shape the lives of so many and we are excited that she is leading us in just scratching the surface of the impact Jana’s Cosmetology Academy will have on creating cosmetology’s new ELITE. Atiya, with her contagious smile, encourages us each and every day that “Passion without Purpose is Pointless”!