Our Barbering program consists of nine hundred (900) hours of ELITE instruction to prepare students for the barbering industry. Full-time students enroll in a 6-month program and part-time students enroll in a 12-month program.

During the first half of the course, the students learn through activities that take place in the classrooms to provide an exceptional learning environment. Students learn through a combination of lectures, visual aids, demonstrations, and “hands-on” practical experiences on mannequins and component hair. Opportunity is also provided for students to practice on each other and models for testing to offer a more realistic learning experience. 

The second half of the program consists of learning activities that take place in the classrooms and clinic. Along with continued theory and mannequin assignments, students perform barbering services as realistically as possible in modern barbering environments. During this phase of the course, the student is guided in gaining experience designed not only to develop
and perfect the skills previously acquired but to aid in the development of the speed, confidence, entrepreneurship, customer relation skills, and professionalism required for success in the barbering industry. Students often receive tips from clients who are satisfied with the barbering service provided.