BeyGOOD Foundation x JCA

We’re sure you know by now if you don’t know JCA has partnered with the BeyGOOD Foundation. BeyGOOD was founded by Beyonce in 2013. BeyGOOD is a Nonprofit organization assisting with Economic disparities, providing educational scholarships, entrepreneurial support, and much more! Now allow us to reintroduce ourselves, Jana’s Cosmetology Academy. JCA is the 1st Black-owned, female-owned Cosmetology school in NJ. This partnership means so much more than just the name attached to it. 



Jana’s Cosmetology Academy was hand-picked to become a partner with BeyGOOD. Each year the organization chooses 5 schools from each region of the US and they award 5 students a $10K Scholarship. JCA was chosen as the school to represent the East Coast (handpicked might we add, this was not something we applied for). To be selected as the forefront of East Coast schools is amazing, this will not only benefit JCA but all cosmetology schools on the East Coast, especially our tri-state area. There are 35 cosmetology schools in our tri-state area and over 100 on the East Coast alone, not including colleges that offer a cosmetology program.  Jana’s Cosmetology Academy was chosen to be the face of that. 



We are so proud of our CEO, Atiya Johnson for her hard work and dedication to the beauty industry to reach this level of success and this is only the beginning. As a team, we all worked together to get here but without our CEO putting in the work and being recognized for the amazing person that she is BeyGOOD x JCA would not be able to have happened. 



In closing we want to say, never give up and remember the people that are supposed to be with you on your journey will be with you. You are capable of anything!

For more information on how to apply for the BeyGOOD 10K Scholarship, you can visit:

Here’s a few things to know:

  1. The $10k BeyGOOD Scholarship can only be used at Jana’s Cosmetology Academy!
  2. You must be 17 years and older, either a future 2024 HS graduate or a prior HS graduate!
  3. Scholarships are not loans you do not have to pay anything back!


Announcement of Partnership with BeyGOOD:

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