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Many people wonder what makes a person want to serve as a cosmetologist. They wonder why I decided to open up a cosmetology school.

Oftentimes, when I go through life and everything that I do in life, I ask myself “Why are you doing this thing?” You know even when I do hair I ask myself why are you placing that curl in that manner. I might look at your face and I might say “Oh, her face is a little slender I want this curl to go to the right”, or maybe I might say ” her face is a little chunkier I need to give her a bang to take away from the chunkiness of her face”.

Whenever I do someone’s hair I ask myself “why are you doing this”, “why do you need to do that” and that’s the same thing with JCA! With JCA the main reasons I decided to go into this realm of business to open up a cosmetology school, is because I feel that the schools in today’s time are setting the students up for failure for several reasons. The top three reasons are as follows: financial barriers, lack of industry preparation, and lack of support with job placement.

Let’s talk about financial barrier: So you enter the school you have 1 of 2 options. You can either pay everything up front or you can apply for financial aid. The price of cosmetology school can range from about 15,000 to about 30,000. So you take out a student loan of which tends to almost double in price once you actually finish paying interest and fees. Next you graduate but don’t have the necessary clientele needed to make the dollars to pay that student loan back. If you’ve ever had to take out a student loan you understand what I’m speaking of. YOU go from being very excited about starting this journey to asking yourself “where do I go from here”.

Then we get into the fact that they’re not really even preparing you for the industry! Most schools are teaching you how to pass the state exam, yet nothing to prepare you for success in the industry. How can you make money if you don’t know or understand the latest technique in real time? Now don’t get me wrong we definitely need to know a lot of things in order to pass the state exam, and it’s VERY IMPORTANT. Yet if we don’t know what we need to know as far as the industry is concerned we lose our MOJO, ultimately giving up.

Last but certainly not least they graduate you a send you to the wolves pretty much! Normally state board of cosmetology is always backed up. This means months go by before even getting a test date. What Happens next YOU GIVE UP! Let’s not even discuss the fact that it now becomes very hard for you to land a position within a salon or barbershop. They haven’t supported you in learning or figuring out what nationality of clients you want to attract most. They don’t help you figure out what direction you want to go in.

WE want you to open your own salon, or become an ultimate success in someone else salon.

Let’s recap, you have student loans to pay. Yet you can’t pay them because you could not get a test date. You can’t get hired in a salon legally without passing the exam. This means you say “FORGET IT” and quit!

We at Jana’s Cosmetology Academy don’t want you to get discouraged. We want you to know we have created customized payment plans so student loan becomes a blast from the past. We offer industry leading Master Classes, to get you prepared for what is to come. We stand with you from start to finish, making sure your taking and passing the test while were side by side with you. We place you in a salon at your halfway mark so you can become comfortable while getting prepared for the industry. We’re not just looking at you like you’re a number we want you to succeed in every way possible. These are just a few things that set us above the rest! Your time is now to take the leap to a successful career with the right team behind you. Enroll Today!!!

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