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If you are like many of us, who have far more nail polish and other related paraphernalia than you know what to even do with then you’re without a doubt the perfect nail technician candidate. You should consider this occupation for a number of reasons, if you’re fresh out of school and don’t want to go to college and want to start earning limitless income potential, if you’re out of work and want to chase your dreams, if you’re a business-minded person looking to become the entrepreneur you deserve to be.


Read on for these reasons, and you’ll be glad that you did! Trust me!


The Freedom

Jana’s is special, we offer a “hybrid” way of learning that allows students to attend classes during the week but also online, meaning students can still work part-time if they like, and it means that they have the freedom to learn in the way that’s best for them. 

Once you graduate the freedom only increases, you can set your own schedule, take on as many clients as you feel you can handle, and work as many hours and make as much money as you choose to. 

You can complete the program in as little as four months and be out of school ready to join the workforce or run your own salon before you know it.


Artistic Creativity

Nail Techs are usually one of the most creative people you will meet, they generally have some artistic background that influences their decision to chase their dream, especially when doing nails is essentially art in itself. You can establish your own style, if your work is unique you can bring in brand new clients, create new viral trends, and become one of the top “sought after ” professionals within the industry.

Remember, whatever you create is true to you, and once licensed you’ll be able to not only work whenever you like, but you’ll get the bragging rights that come with it.


The Community

With nails being such a hands-on industry, interacting with people is an absolute must, and if you love meeting brand new faces, learning about different directions people take, and how you can incorporate that into your own designs then being a nail tech is the perfect path for you.

Part of Jana’s philosophy is that students get the most support we can offer, we truly care about our students which is why we’re a fraction of the cost of other local schools and we even have an alumni network for students to stay in touch. Remember, the community is everything, and your energy is going to shine through.


The Potential

Being a licensed nail tech means that a plethora of career options become available to you.

Not only can you join an already established business as the expert in the room in a nail or beauty salon, but most choose to start their own nail business.

Some even go on to develop their own line of products or start new trends in the industry, as Linda Ray said “the more you put into your future, the higher the returns” and she’s right, you are completely in charge of your own destiny, and Jana’s is the best place to support you at the best price there is.


Ready to become a Nail Technician?

Have you read through everything and decided that being a nail tech is perfect for you? Or have you always known you were a nail art enthusiast and just didn’t know where to start?

Jana’s Cosmetology Academy can help make your dreams come true.

Apply now for March enrolment and make the first step in your brand new career. 


Just imagine, completing a program in a blink of an eye and starting a brand new path in the beauty industry with knowledge, passion, and professionalism. The sky isn’t the limit, it is the view!



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  1. Tia Jones
    | Reply

    I’m very interested in your nail technician program for myself and my daughter. If you could forward all available information to me that would be awesome.

    • atiya
      | Reply

      Hi Tia!

      Absolutely, I will get an email over to you asap!

  2. Jaynee
    | Reply

    Hello I’m very interested in the program. I would check your website constantly lol waiting for it. Can I have all available information on this course please.

    • atiya
      | Reply

      Hi Jaynee!

      Absolutely I will send an email to you!

  3. Adele Calhoun
    | Reply


    I would like you to send me as much information as possible on your braiding course and nail tech course.

    Thank you


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