Spring Hair Trends To Inspire Your Next Salon Appointment

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Spring Hair Trends To Inspire Your Next Salon Appointment


With an uncertain year behind us the wait is over for a fresh start. Salons have flung their doors open and there are brand new haircut trends for everyone to try out. Here’s our list of our favourites, whether it’s something subtle or a complete hair transformation, we have you covered.

The Italian Bob

The French bob has been the leading bob in and around most major cities for some time now, but the Italian bob is overtaking and is now the trademark style.

Unlike the French bob, the Italian bob is less structured and oozes style without looking too proper. You can embrace your natural texture with some styling cream or hair mousse, and leave your hair to air-dry. Alternatively, because it comes up slightly shorter around the front, almost to the lip area, you can have a great look with it blow dried.

Extra Long Jumbo Braids

Perhaps the most show-stopping of our favourite hair trends is the extra long jumbo braids.

Everyone agrees they will be hot for not only spring but also summer of 2021. The thick, soft plaits will make you the center of attention. They take less time to put in and take out. You can treat them as your own canvas by adding any fashion accessories you like such as rings, beads, and jewels.

Fluffed Out Textures

Lockdown has meant that many of us have been exploring and learning more about our natural hair. Unique textures are going to be a pivotal trend in 2021, fluffed out hair that’s allowed to do its own thing will lead the way.

You can use a moisturising conditioner that smooths and nourishes your hair to lock in moisture regularly. A paddle brush will help you untangle those pesky knots, and a wide-tooth comb will help undo any snarls you have with as little breakage as possible.

 The Outgrown ’70s Fringe

Let’s be honest, maintaining a fringe is difficult. However, the outgrown ‘70s fringe is so, so easy. You can do such things like parting, or use a hairdryer or some tongs to flick it out at the sides.

 If you look better with a fringe then you can make this the complete comprehensive style for you. We recommend it if you’ve been wanting to try the curtain bangs trend but want to keep your length.

 The Made-To-Order Cut

The last trend to feature on our list is the personalized cut.

Book yourself in the salon and let us do our thing. We will be able to manipulate the hair and customize the style that works just for you! You can embrace your natural texture and allow the experts to give you the best looking cut you’ve had since 2021. Learn more at Jana’s Cosmetology Academy.


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