Benefits of a trade school over college

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Benefits of a trade school over college


Most people are under the impression that the only route to a stable career is through a college education. Many believe an undergraduate degree is the end all, be all to success for their children, and a masters, or even doctorate, is even better.


For specific professions, college degrees can be a requirement, even for entry level roles. But, a college degree isn’t actually necessary to make a very good living.


Trade schools offer you the same benefits , if not greater, as a white collar profession without the high cost of a degree. From plumbing to metal fabrication to cosmetology, the opportunities are endless.


Here’s why a trade school is a better idea than a college degree:


You gain valuable experience immediately


A lot of people just don’t perform very well in a classroom environment. They might not excel at taking tests, and most prefer learning on the job. They would much rather be able to stand on their own two feet in the “real world” and begin building their resume with hands-on experience, instead of education.


In skilled trade careers, apprentices will be immediately working on projects and earning useful certifications. They don’t compete for unpaid internships that grads will find themselves doing, they’re already on the floor gaining knowledge from skilled professionals.


Affordability and it takes half the time


For most higher education will come with mountains of debt. According to The College Board, the average cost of tuition at a public college for an in-state student is around $10,000 a year. If you’re unlucky enough to be an out of state student or attending a private school, it’s going to be even more expensive.


The benefits of an associate degree at a trade school or community college is that many students, some even the majority, graduate with little or even no debt at all. They offer an affordable price tag, higher scholarship availability, and easy to apply grants and loans.


You’ll find that many college grads will leave school with little to no “real world” experience and monumental debt, while those that pursued a skilled trade career had the opposite experience. In addition…while four year college students are in the classroom, trade skill students have graduated and are earning an income after about two years, some even as little as a few months!


Skilled trade experts make a good living


The greatest thing you will get from attending a trade school is financial freedom. You’ll be able to become your own boss, work the hours you want, for rates you set, and gain the future you’ve always wanted.


As an example, according to US News and World Report, entry level sheet metal workers made an average of $52,000 per year in 2017, if you are to go on to build your own company, or even become a master tradesperson, then you can demand even better.


Remember, if you’re the expert in the room, you’re the one that’s in demand!


A huge need for master tradespeople exists


What’s becoming more apparent than anything, is that in today’s culture experts are few and far between. There’s an enormous opportunity for individuals with hands-on experience in industries ranging from nail technicians, to welders, to carpenters, and more. If there’s one thing you’ll always have from attending a trade school is having ample job opportunity, and strong job security.


You get to do what you’re good at


The vast majority of college grads will leave school with a degree in a certain field but will end up working in an entirely different one, ever met someone with a law degree working in sales? It happens all the time.


Why spend tens of thousands of dollars on a four year degree and have to settle for any job that’s hiring? A trade school gives you the specific education and training, and opens up careers to start your own business or apply for a highly specialized job, and most likely get it because the need will forever be there….


While earning a college degree isn’t a terrible idea, it’s not for everyone, and trade careers give you practical, useful skills for less time, less money, and gives you far more experience.


With so many advantages to attending a trade school, it should always be considered a more viable option in the professional world.


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