Beauty Industry – Are you ready for Spring? Part 1: Nails & Hair

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Beauty Industry – Are you ready for Spring? Part 1: Nails & Hair


With Spring fast approaching it’s important to be on top of what you need to be doing to be prepared for the warmer weather. Whether this means a makeover, getting your nails done, hair done, or even a brand new wardrobe, it’s important to be on trend if you really want to shine.




With it being that time of year again when we begin to get glimpses of sunshine and feel those ever missed spring vibes, lifting our moods and reminding us what we adore about this time of year. It’s important that we give our nails the same love and attention we give our homes during spring makeovers. Harsh winter weather and a lack of motivation, (January and February blues, we’re looking at you!) have left many of us in major need of a nail care overhaul. These are our tips on how to get you back to winning ways.


Shellac nails are becoming ever more popular over the colder months, and who can blame people? There’s nothing worse than doing a DIY nail color at home, only for it to chip within days or even hours. Shellac nails give you dozens of shades to choose from and their gel polishes help your nails stay in perfect condition for over two weeks!


The only problem with these types of nails is that often if you’re still rocking them then you’ll need to book a professional gel removal. Having an expert soak off your gels ensures your natural nails are protected from any damage, and that they remain strong and healthy.


With flowers beginning to bloom all around the nation, it really reminds us how much we love spring colors. This is something you can think about when choosing your next color, hot pinks, bright oranges, patterned, multicolored, springtime opens up ideas when it comes to the perfect shade to pick. 




Everyone knows when you get a haircut you feel like a brand new person. Spring time it’s even more important. 


Spring hair makeovers are something that’s almost a rite of passage each year for so many men and women, and if you get a vibrant color in your hair why not match it with your nails from the previous section.


Whether your dreaming of drinks by the pool, or just a little more sunshine, these are some shades that will be perfect for your springtime look.


In warmer months, we see a lot of blonde shades emerging, they range from striking platinum to honey blonde. This year’s spring is likely to be dominated by natural looking, golden tones and buttery blonde highlights, you’ll look like you’ve walked straight off a sandy beach and complimenting skin’s “magic” tones. 


Also, it’s not just highlights that are returning this spring, warmer tones are becoming more popular giving brunettes reason to celebrate and compete with the sun-kissed highlights we see so often. Cool tones can create a contrast with your skin tone, and deeper shades provide a golden warmth to your complexion, providing you with a radiant glow.


Pastel shades always make a comeback in Spring, this year is no exception. Lilac, rose, powder pink and more will give you an effortless look for a chilled out season.


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